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The name behind Phantom Light Distillery comes from an urban legend from some time ago…

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Under the haunting glow of a Saskatchewan sky, the tale of the drunken brakeman met his fate along the tracks. While peering into the dark, searching the night, he came face to face with an oncoming train. To this day people can see the lantern of the headless brakeman still wandering the tracks of St. Louis. 

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Each sip of Phantom vodka is a testament to the drunken brakeman, so join the adventure, just steer clear of the tracks.

Our story:

Phantom Light Distillery was established in 2020.

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Our distilling process:

Hand crafted with a smooth finish. Each batch of our vodka is put through our proprietary distilling process which cleans the vodka of all impurities leaving a ghostly spirit behind. Allow Phantom vodka to bring forward innovation and class with ties to the past.

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